Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you Richer

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you Richer
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Nothing opens new perspectives like traveling and visiting new places. People have always traveled. It has allowed them to learn more about the places they visit, the people that live there, their culture and habits. Among these things is another very popular area and that is fashion. Fashion is part of cultural heritage, that in the past, has been a significant and distinctive area for one specific culture. Today, fashion has grown and emerged in one of the most profitable and popular industries in the world. 

When it comes to creating and upgrading your fashion sense, traveling has a huge influence. This has been proved on many occasions. The way we feel and perceive fashion at home and abroad is very different. At home, we are subject to expected looks, appearance and cycle of fashion rules. When going abroad, all of that changes. Traveling and visiting new places get us new ideas and with that come the new inspirations. Just by seeing new and different things, we become educated about fashion – about a different aspect that exists outside of our fashion knowledge. Meeting new people and new scenes and their fashion presentation influences our current fashion state. It makes us learn and adopt new fashion views that we cannot get in our everyday surrounding.

The change starts from the first moment we see something different. The fashion and fashion choices people do around the world are most various, and they affect us in the direction of thinking whether it is something we can pull on ourselves. The moment we ask that question, we are halfway through making the change. Motivation makes us think wider. Thinking of adopting a new style, combining different colors, patterns, motifs and fabrics is a creative process that is challenged from the need for change. It makes us think and dress differently, think outside the box. The influence, as the final step of the shaping and modifying the fashion sense, is what we present as a final fashion look that reflects upon our surrounding and affects the social environment.

Traveling and going different places affects many aspects of one's everyday life, but perceiving the fashion from a different point of view and different angle is what makes it invaluable experience and opportunity to incorporate it in your personality and appearance.

- Tia Acharya

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